Aloe Vera Flower

Got this one on the run, a quick shot from my friends garden before we headed to the gym. I'm looking forward to seeing this further down the track.

A good workout at the gym and then my day just disappeared. A little beach walk with Mum and then a wander in the afternoon around some lakes. The sun was warm on my back but the cool breeze stopped me from overheating.
My sciatica is really sore and I'm feeling a little tired after an early morning start, should've really been in the garden today - oh well!

The painter has just left - all bedrooms, hall and lounge will be finished tomorrow and its looking really good, I will be pleased to have everything in its place again.

Better fly and think about some tea - have a great week everyone :)

Edit: Have discovered its not a cati but a Aloe Vera flower - have changed the title.

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