She left me on Friday...

By DiscoDown

Modern technology

I love my new iPhone. It's my third in a series of them. The little things they add each time make all the difference. Like Siri, for example. Voice recognition software that can do all manner of things with your phone. It can, for example, allow you to dictate a text message while you drive and send it to someone who has organised a conference call you should be on so they can give you the pin number. You can then instruct Siri to dial the number for you, all without using your hands while driving into the office. It can do all this if it can get past your Scottish accent. After several attempts, I gave up when my last, and best, attempt at sending, "I do not have the pin for the conference call" resulted in Siri reading back, "I donut half the tin floor the concert hall". God only knows how this works with drunk Scots on a Saturday night, as Siri does not respond well to being called a wanker.

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