This guy is scary and not a pretty sight, his sweaty face contorted with effort. Training hooded with huge rounded back and scarred strapped hands he howls in agony as he lifts 400lbs+.
I have blipped him before from a distance so plucked up courage to ask him if I could climb into the rack with him to get this image. The whole thing was a bit too much for a girl who was getting an induction in the gym, struggling to hear the trainer over the motorhead blasting out from the speakers.

If I'd thought it through I would have got him to clench a poppy between his teeth...

I've read some wonderful pieces about Remembrance day, especially poignant when from friends who are out in the thick of it.
Airborne Skygod and Mr Chaddy being the two I'm aware of on Blip.
Thanks to all who put their lives on the line in service, and to all those that didn't make it home.

The Diva has a lovely poppy day image as well.

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