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Toddlers got saw feet at the moment. Tonight I caught her surveying them in the bath in a very strange position. I can assure you she is not in any pain and not had some sort of strange limb swap. She is just being flexible to look at her feet.

I vaguely remember being able to get my feet to my mouth as a child to clip my toenails with my teeth, though I think it did kind of hurt a little. These days I am lucky if a see my feet I am so unflexible.

Toddler and Baby have spent the evening chasing after each other, then having a bundle and a cuddle and laughing a lot. We keep trying to calm them down when it gets a bit too rough, but do they listen? Of course not. They have had a busy day today catching up with lots of friends so it is no surprise they are a bit wild and excited.

Oh and yesterdays healthy cakes were as good as expected, I may even have to go and have another. Doesn't look like I will be seeing my feet anytime soon then.

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