This is Kristina's Life

By kristinaj

Introducing: Lily!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my sincere honor to introduce the latest addition to my extended family: my cousin's new kitten, Lily!

Not long ago my cousin, Anne, stumbed upon this sweet little kitten while walking along Hollywood Blvd right by her house. Anne asked around to see if the kitten belonged to anyone and she didn't. Anne brought her to the vet and this 5 1/2 week old kitten was given a clean bill of health.

As you can tell, it hasn't taken Miss Lily very long to grow, especially since she eats as though every meal could be her last, but she's getting the hang of domestic life. Mom and I brought over some toys for the little lady and she's become quite obsessed with them.

Welcome to the family, Lily!

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