One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Against all odds

Life is 50% chance 50% perseverance.
What are the odds for a seed to manage to
a- land in this tiny little crack in the wall
b- find enough nourishment to thrive?

On a cosmic scale, we (humankind) are a little annoying weed in a remote crack of the universe. A flash in the pan. An improbably lucky strike followed by much perseverance, struggle, speculation, rat-racing and burning desire for rapid accumulation of wealth.
And we don't seem to care much about what little nourishment is left in the crack, we are very much set in our full-throttle expansion ways (I'd be a prime suspect with a 3rd child in the making...)
I had a big debate with my father-in-law a few days ago about the inherent dangers of exponential growth. It invariably leads to rapid extinction.
The sharks and tortoises could tell us that much, if they had bothered developing a more complex form of communication in the hundreds of millions of years that they have been on earth!

PS: I am not a Phil Collins fan
PPS: Ok. I may be a closet Phil Collins fan, but I am not coming out. No way. I am staying in the closet, imitating the tortoise... Breath in, breath out, don't evolve, breath in, breath out, slowly, slowly, nice tortoise, slowly...

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