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sketchbook project 2012

I registered for this project last August and it is due at the Art House Co-op January 31st, so it was high time to get started. The basic idea is that you register for a fee, choose a theme, they send you a moleskine sketchbook, you fill it however you wish and return it to them by the due date. Your sketchbook is then cataloged into the Art House Co-op's Library where it can be viewed, AFTER it goes on "tour" (traveling art exhibit) with the other sketchbooks - around the world in 2012! (Melbourne, Australia & London, UK among the stops).

I participated in the Sketchbook Project 2011 and have also signed up for another due April 30th: the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition -this one is only taking 5,000 participants. The 2011 project had over 28,000 register and 10,000 sketchbooks were completed on time, added to the Brooklyn Art Library and went on tour. It is a big  thing and the largest collaborative art project I have ever been involved in!

Many people have asked me about creating in a journal like this and then sending it off, never to be seen again, except for  viewing in the digital library. For me it is about the creating, not the keeping of the art, and so while I felt a small amount of sadness parting with my pages, many which were personal, I did not and do not mind at all in the larger scope of things. I like the challenge that keeps me creating and happy and I like being a part of a larger project. One of the best things is that my dear friend Frieda, who lives in the Scottish Borders, a fellow blipper, someone I share many things with even though we have not yet met in person, is also doing  the Sketchbook Project 2012 and snap! She signed up for the Limited Edition Project too! We registered for all three of these Sketchbook Projects (2011, 2012, Special Edition) without even discussing it with each other -it just happened! It will be great to continue to share our art and ourselves through these projects too.

You can view a step-by-step of how I did it here! And if you are still reading this, thank you!

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