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By lozarithm

Along The Canal

We had a half-hour stroll from Bowerhill Lane down to the Kennet and Avon and along the towpath east to the Barge Inn near Seend Cleeve, seen in the background in this picture. Even as we began at three the light was beginning to fail, and the walk back facing the setting sun took less time as it was not punctuated by photo opportunities.

I am likely to be blipping less over the winter months as I catch up on other neglected, indoor projects, but I am contemplating setting myself a second 365 challenge, perhaps beginning on New Years Day, or maybe at the next clock change, if I feel I've caught up enough with the house based matters.

I am pleased with the RAW experiment. It hasn't really caused any extra work in processing and it means I am extracting the most from the camera. Yesterday I set one camera to save images in both RAW and JPEG formats and I noticed that the preview images of both were identical. This may be because the customized on-camera settings are deliberately bland to allow the most flexibility at the computer processing stage. I was able to tweak better results from the RAW image than its JPEG counterpart. The only downside is the larger file sizes one ends up with.


Blip #559
Consecutive Blip #004
Day #600

Seend Park Swing Bridge Near Bowerhill #1
Seend Park Swing Bridge Near Bowerhill #2
The Canal At Close Of Day

Lenses: Sigma 70-300mm, Pentax 18-55mm

1 year ago: Spirthill

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