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Trying out the settings on my new TG-1 compact the first priority was the GPS setting. The idea is that I take a couple of location shots on it so that when processing pictures taken on a DSLR I can drag and drop pins onto the map where the TG-1 images are shown, so that the location data is copied onto the EXIF data of the other images, a technique I have used when using two cameras in the past.

Accordingly, I set off to the Bowood Estate, whose grounds I intended to photograph extensively over the next year by becoming a member. Unfortunately, I discovered it had closed a few days earlier and wouldn't re-open until the end of March, rather scuppering my project, and also making its annual fee rather less attractive.

The TG-1 picked up a GPS signal quickly and correctly identified my location as Bowood Estate. The gate to the grounds was open and I ventured tentatively inside to snap a few pictures, with the camera set in Program mode.

Actually, the pictures themselves were disappointing, lacking sharpness and detail. In fact portions of some images were so blurred I wondered if I had accidentally set the camera to a 'Magic Filter' effects setting (see here). These mostly had subjects some distance away; those taken close up seemed fine. Light levels were low, but I know my DSLRs would have coped vastly better, but it may simply be that I need to get to know the camera settings better. I shall continue to experiment.


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