Where Next?


Christchurch city centre

Catching a bus into Christchurch today, the force of the earthquakes really became apparent, there is literally no city centre. The buildings that are left standing all need significant work which leaves entire streets of shops closed for business. A small 'pop up' mall has just opened its doors in the last week where the shops are made from shipping containers, it brings colour and some sense of normality to the area. Its very eerie to see things left pretty much as they were when the quake hit, the pedestrian street signs are there but the roads are closed and the landmarks they point to are no longer standing.

The cranes in the background of this picture aren't rebuilding, they are dismantling the tall buildings which are no longer safe. There have been so many aftershocks, around 8000 it is estimated now, the insurance companies won't start the process of rebuilding yet. The sky line of the city has completely changed and even more will go before any rebuild can start. Once the rebuild does begin there will be so much construction going on the old city will be unrecognisable.

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