By wingpig


Not a bad day. Got to do what I felt to be the most important thing all day without anyone coming up and demanding that I do something else THAT SECOND. The moral of the story is to never ever use anyone else's source data even if people are rushing you along.

I noticed some nice new shiny metal columns (which may well have been there for six years but I only noticed them today) outside the Hugh Robson Biochemistry Building on George Square this morning which is another spare blip for a dull day. I managed to leave almost at the time I intended to last night despite having my sleep disrupted by the clippy-cloppy heel-pointyfeet of next-door-neighbour as she returned home at half-past four. Used the extra time to detour slightly and got the wee lane behind Kings' Stable's Road just as false light equalled fake light. Beaten to a possible blip by TFP if he ever gets round to posting it but managed to get out at lunchtime and get some daylight in to help the afternoon go that little bit faster.

Work blah work blah.

(The same outside, two hours later...)

You've got to love this inclined axis of rotation business. It must be really monotonous to live somewhere round the equator and have a day length with varies by only an hour or so through the course of the year. It's sort of like saving the nice bits of a meal until the end or using an horrible camera for nine months before upgrading... because of the dull or nasty bits the payoff (in this case the gradual upping of the dosage of daylight) is so much sweeter. Even people renowned for being particularly grumpy bastards can be seen to improve in demeanour as spring approaches. After the coldness of winter this wee chappie was starting to look like his old self again too although it did make me forget what I went past the gallery for in the first place although I expect I can see what's on there at the moment online somewhere. Quite a few people were leaving at about 5pm so whatever it is must be reasonably popular.

Lots of nice pretty things to see beside the river although I do all the people out walking their daft wee dog things would pick up their sodding dogs' shit after them. If I hadn't noticed the smell following me home and removed my trainers before I entered the flat it might have come within several miles of ruining my relaxed mood.

Nice early start tomorrow to go and pick up my lovely new monitor from Amtrak in Broxburn after which I can finally get to see the pictures from new camera on a decent working monitor rather than one which never shows all three colours at the same time, crap workmonitor which is all pixelly and dark or temporary loaner from Rodti's dad which (though I am grateful for the temporary use thereof) is from the early days of TFT technology.

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