Friday Foto

By drmackem

Good Friends and Moments of Grace

I was asked to summarise my life so far to a group on this course I've been on the last 2 days, I answered "moments of grace".

Taking photo's I'm not a keen photographer of people, they often feel self concious and I have that discomfort of somehow taking away a bit of them without permission.

This morning most of us went and did our own thing, a few went on walks others mountain biking.

My good friend Ian with whom I've shared many moments of grace (on tops of mountains, watching our kids, fine meals, beating him at risk, sharing those heavy back breaking times in life, chopping down trees, that bottle of whisky....) went to shoot some clay pigeons, I managed to sneak along with him, Mike and Richard for 15mins intending to take some action pics of the rootin', tootin' crew down the barrel. But the best shots were their faces after the thrill of hitting or disappointment of missing the clays.

This is Ian, one of the things I like about him is that he helps me squeeze the joy out of the things we do.

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