I have been stalking this character for days, but haven't been able to get within three metres of it.  My macro set-up requires me to get within 20 cms.  Today, however, I was standing still, concentrating on a tiny parasitic wasp when it mistook me for garden furniture and alighted beside me.  It wasn't still for a second and most of the shots I got were fuzzy.  This was the best one.

I think it is a hunting wasp.  It is a rare sight in my garden.  I have seen only two others in 16 years.  At about 2 cms in length it is one of the largest flying insects I see here.  It's rather spectacular- so big and black, with the flash of kingfisher blue on its wings.

Please bear with me on my current obsession.  There are more angelica flowers than I have ever had before, and they are attracting all sorts of fascinating creatures.  Today I saw a long green and brown fly.  I got a couple of good shots of it, so I'm hoping it comes back tomorrow.

One year ago: hare alert, Harebell!

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