Linda and I went to Stratford today to attend one of her favourite church bazaars and to stop by Picard's peanuts to get more peanuts for the squirrels and to stop at the Waterloo Market and get some more birdseed from the Mennonite vendor. (Boy, that was a long sentence!) Started out sunny and pleasant but clouded over and spit some rain now and then. Overall, a good day - which started at a church bazaar in Aurora and another in Richmond Hill before heading out on the highway. I scored a bunch of books and a few CDs. That's the stuff I'm typically after.

What's shown is a Squirrel Buster - a baffle one adds to a birdseed pole just under the feeder. The Mennonites had them at their seed store. It seems they play both sides. Wise. Get the birders and the squirrelers but also the anti-squirrel folk. The astonished squirrel cartoon is hilarious.

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