Desperately seeking

By clickychick


It would be too early to put up decorations on the house, but out around the town shoppers like to be cheered up by the windows looking bright. I've been slower than most to get my window done, but Jennie and I were determined to have it finished before the day ended.

Jennie got her way over the tinsel!

This shot is of the baubles strung across the back of the window. The first time in editing I made the background completely black which was a bit more my sort of blip but then I favoured this, just showing a bit of the background.

This year there is no window dressing competition or theme to follow, so we have created a series of 3 stylised Christmas trees laden with jewellery and wrapped parcels beneath them (and just a tiny bit of tinsel).

I'm ready now for the town lights being switched on on Sunday afternoon.

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