Rodents rule

By squirk


F and I went for an evening stroll up to Crystal Palace and came across a cycling competition. The cyclists were fairly racing around the park!

A tough day day - lots of change at work with my boss leaving suddenly at lunchtime. I knew on Friday that it was on the cards, but didn't know the day she was to leave until this morning. The rest of the staff knew far less than I and were very shellshocked. It's a case of keeping the team motivated and not letting the change get us down. Change can be (and usually is) for the good, so I'm keeping optimistic. We will all have increased workloads though during the transition, but we've vowed to stick to working hours and not do an hour more! We're going to be eating lots and lots of biscuits and drinking much tea to get us through the next few months until things settle down.

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