Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Glossy Ibis

Today I went to Dungeness to see the Glossy Ibis - that's been a fairly constant theme of recent blips:

Minsmere 11th October
Cudmore Grove 19th October
Stodmarsh 19th November
Fingringhoe Wick 21st November
Fingringhoe Wick 22nd November

The difference today? Today I saw a Glossy Ibis.

Not only did I see it but I got cracking views of it. There it was feeding in a bay of Denge Marsh just as I walked by. Nobody else around, just me and the Glossy Ibis, we had a chat, she let me take a few shots, then suggested that a flight shot might be nice, so she took to the air and you know what? I think she was right. I also think it's probably for the best that I'll not be chasing after any more Glossy Ibises this year - I think the strain's beginning to show.

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