Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Ornamental Column, Glasgow City Free Church

A meeting in town this evening at this church in St Vincent Street, designed in 1859 by Alexander Greek Thomson. Poor light and very little time, however I wanted to show the beautiful detail in the plasterwork. The paintwork is peeling in the sanctuary, and does need some attention. I hope next year to have another chance to go inside, when there may be some sunlight.

I got the train into town around 5pm and saw the huge fire in the former Co-op Funeral Service building in Morrison Street very close to the Kingston Bridge and M8. A sea of blue lights down the street, and firemen silhouetted against the orange glow on turntable ladders. The smell of smoke and fumes had drifted across the river into the city centre, and it affected my breathing as I walked up the hill. The rain was lashing down.

Glad of a lift home, and as we crossed the bridge later this evening, I could see a lot of smoke and smouldering timbers. Seemingly more than 100 men were fighting the fire at its height.

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