The big 0 4

It's getting to be a bit of a habit posting photos of a tearful Ellen on her birthday - like last year and the year before. At least now she greets with maturity and a bit of dignity (and a bit of bed head).

It's not too surprising, she's been up since 7.30 in a bit of a whirlwind of excitement, shredding open presents and playing with new toys. Peaked too early I'd say. At least I got another couple of hours kip after Ellen and Ewan had disappeared upstairs to play. Off to the cinema now for Arthur Christmas. She can chill out there before we wind the whole thing up again and top the day off with a most exciting trip to Costco. Eh?

Later ...

Aye, so Arthur Christmas was a great laugh and Costco didn't take too long. Junk tea and a bit of a slow drive home at the peak of the rush hour with just enough time to get the car emptied and Ewan off to cubs. Ellen's away to bed with the promise of her Hello Kitty cake on Saturday when her friends come round. Mandy's catching up with some work and I've filled in my passport renewal form. Masterchef soon and I'll top off the day with a dram of the 25 year old Bowmore that Mandy bought me when Ellen was born.

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