creative lenna

By creativelenna

visit to Lucas Boatworks

Steven called me this afternoon and said, "I'm coming to get you and bring you to Lucas Boatworks, whether you like it or not!" Well, guess what? I was happy to go, especially with Steven doing all the driving. When we got there the dogs jumped out of the car and Steven showed me the progress on the various boats in the main pole barn. Then we went to his tent/shop. There were 3 or 4 kayak paddles he's working on, our coffee table I stamped that he is refinishing and more. First, I spied the wee kayak paddle for Izzy, who is only 4 years old - granddaughter of "Kayak Kathy". Kathy and her husband Lance are making Izzy a teeny tiny kayak from a kit and Steven volunteered to make her a wee paddle. I saw the other kayak paddles, all made from lightweight cypress and hand shaped -simply beautiful! Steven was thrilled to find more tools in my dad's stash and he showed me how he was hand-planing the paddles with a block planer that my father made himself, what you see above. Oh, how we love these connections. Sawdust shaving large.

"Each day a precious gift. Each moment an eternal joy."
- unknown

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