Plus ça change...

By SooB

Music Experience

Lazy day today after a fab night out. We tried out a blues club, which was very nice and amusing because of some fun dancing from a couple who'd clearly been to dance classes, but could only do one kind of dance (a sort of sexy salsa/ciroc) to any kind of music, from boogie woogie to a slow dance...

In the cab on the way to another club we found a piano duelling bar instead which was just amazing fun. Three guys doing rotating sets on 2 grand pianos doing covers either requested by the crowd or just of their choosing. Between them they had a pretty amazing repertoire (from Madonna to Meat Loaf). Brave folk got up on the stage to dance - including one guy doing a great 'Thriller' dance. The place was packed out, and waitresses were circulating with vodka shots and jelly (jello?) shots to keep everyone in the party mood....

So, needless to say it was a bit of a slow start to the day today. We eventually all crawled out to the Experience Music Project where the kids could try their hand at various instruments. We then had a jam session which was interesting in our delicate states (picture 3 small children in a room with a drum kit, three guitars, a keyboard and microphone - all turned up to full volume - and you'll have some idea of our hell.) I had a lucky escape when our youngest peed himself with excitement so I took him out to find a change of clothes.

Most of the rest of the day was spent lying in the sunshine in the Olympic Sculpture garden with the kids trashing the joint. So a very cultural day, really.

EDIT: Keep forgetting to mention the photo... This is the Experience Music Project building, designed by Frank Gehry. It's the copper coloured bit, shaped around the monorail. The blue building was I think built quite recently and hosts a cool sci-fi museum (they have the Death Star there...)

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