Plus ça change...

By SooB


Went up to Freemont today to see their annual parade. The main draw was the nude cycling parade in advance of the main parade. I think we all expected a couple of brave souls - but there were hundreds, all (well mostly) painted with amazing designs. And when I say painted - they painted EVERYWHERE. I've managed to find one shot that (I think) doesn't have anything rude showing... There were a few cyclists not painted at all who somehow looked ruder, maybe they didn't get the memo.

The parade itself was pretty cool too, but we'd lost our vantage point (to get ice cream) so we lost interest when it turned into an endurance contest of who could hold the kids up in the air for the longest without expiring.

Early blip today as we're off to a blues bar tonight. We've even found a sports bar that does piano duelling. Can't imagine this means they walk ten paces then turn around and hurl pianos at each other, we'll see.

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