Living In The Valley

By CatbirdCottage

The Winter Hawk Returns

I would imagine the hawk is around more than I see it, I just thought the title was a bit dramatic :) I actually saw this hawk swoop by a window and I ran to another window to see it perched on an utility pole. It stayed for several minutes while I took photos from the window. As many may know I do have a soft spot for these magnificent birds. This was a real treat today. I know they are usually watching the bird feeders ( that is a bummer) but I did give it instructions while I was taking the photos on what not to go after in my yard. I'm sure it listened :)

Hope to be catching up on journals & comments, things slowed down on here last night so I thought it best to try another day.

ps. I still think this is a Cooper's Hawk... anyone know any differently just let me know...

Another ps.. a scaled down version of the Christmas tree is up and was it ever so much easier to decorate. hooray...

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