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Although I'll be heading in to work for probably a full day tomorrow despite it originally being the plan to be off I really don't mind on this occasion as there are no films yet booked and it meant that I was able to finish on time for the past couple of days and go to nice late films with late finishes without stressing about having to be up early and thinking extremely hard for a prolonged period on limited sleep. I even had an extra hour of sleep this morning after my phone alarm decided not to bother going off; mobile internet had eaten the battery earlier and despite getting a charge when I got home I evidently should have switched the phone back on at some point to let it know that it was safe to be activated and that it wasn't still in emergency shut-off mode. Foolish thing. It's also getting a little bit picky about when it connects though I can't quite be bothered to run the latest firmware update tonight.

Today's films were the cracking Serbian wryness of Love and other crimes which had excellent music, fine acting and was let down only by a couple of instances of badly-mis-timed foley work and a little bit of dodgy singing-dubbing though there are very few instances in films where the latter is done effectively. The mood and setting all gel very nicely and it's apparently just one some sort of Serbian best film award. Worth catching tomorrow evening if it's not sold out and it'll hopefully pop back up in your nearest off-mainstream cinema at some point. If the soundtrack pops up anywhere it would be equally worth a listen.

Good Dick is a little deeper than the stated premise and again features an excellent score which I shall attempt to find as soon as possible. Both Film Festival screening have now happened but it'll hopefully make it back onto a nearby screen after the production company has dragged it round the States as part of their self-distribution plan. Good acting, very nice photography, some deft application of dialogue and an audience almost entirely free of crisp-munching and talking during the performance.

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