From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

The heart of our community

gone up in smoke within a couple of hours!!

It was one of the oldest buildings in Milton Keynes, set in the heart of Milton Keynes village and only 5 mins down the road from where i live. So lots of memories I have of drunken nights, days in the garden in the summer and meals with family and friends. It had so much history, now that history has modern history and nobody in our community will ever forget the The swan pub burning down!!

:( x

I apologise for the poor shot!! I took camera this morning and arrrgrggghhhhhh forgot bloody memory card. So when i had time a bit later and found the firemen were all still there in their lovely uniforms every cloud has silver lining didn't want them thinking what's that freaky woman doing here again with her camera i took the shot from a distance with my point and click!!! ;0))

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