Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Storm Damage

Winds of over 70mph in Glasgow City. Dangerous walking around with things like this falling off buildings. At one point I was blown into railings at a junction, I just couldn't stand up. Not my best Blip, but I wasn't staying out any longer.

Erskine, Forth, Skye and Tay bridges all closed, and rumour has it the Kingston was too. I have seen some dramatic pictures on the BBC website, including our own Blip reporter Richard from the Rest and Be Thankful.

We are glad we put all the garden furniture away early on, and took our bird feeding station down. Otherwise I think they might be smashed or somewhere else by now.

The wind is easing, we have been invited out for mulled wine and nibbles, so have decided to risk it and venture out.

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