Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw


A detail of one of our frozen window locks inside the house at 11 am this morning. It was at least -13C last night. Universities and work closed. I was able to do some tasks via an online link, and over the telephone, and then finalised my OU course submission. It has now been submitted - a huge relief. I can now start concentrating on cleaning my house and preparing for Christmas.

Thirty years ago today, I was stunned at the news that John Lennon had been killed. The first LP I ever bought with cash I had saved from a Saturday job was "Imagine". That night, I was in a university hall of residence with a central lightwell. At midnight Radio 1 broadcast a tribute programme, which started with that song. All the students had set up radios and stereo units at the windows. The sound of John singing up through the whole building is something I will never forget.

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