Time. I always get that feeling at this time of year that time is running away with me. All the more so this year because I have a huge deadline in early February. But effectively from Dec 15 to Jan 15 is almost completely dead time in terms of getting people's attention, so I'll probably end up pretty much on my own writing stuff.

This is a lovely Danish designed timepiece that some members of my team gave me a couple of years ago. It nicely expresses some of my anxieties today.

But at least we can see in the kitchen so not all is doom and gloom in Leith. Sgt Pepper spent the morning being handy and replacing some gammy kitchen lights with some new ones on which the bulbs won't go so frequently. Or so we hope. We also had the transformers replaced a couple of years ago, but we've only got around today, finally, to replacing the lights.

Off soon to the office Chrustmas ceilidh. It'll be nice to spend social time with my colleagues, but in a way this sort of thing epitomises what I hate about this time of year. Organised compulsory jollifications. And for what reason?

Enough ranting.

Update: no it's not. I've just looked up our venue as I didn't know where it was and discovered that it is already advertising its availability for Christmas 2-0-1-2. Yes, you read it right. Beat the crowds and book your Christmas do for next year.

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