Daily Encapsulation

By Benjofranco

The Holly and The IIIIIII........I've given in.

I know I've been saying for the last few days that I wasn't going to Blip anymore Christmas themed photo's but hey, bugger it, it's Christmas!!!!!! So to fully give up I came up with a couple that I couldn't choose between and decided that I would throw them together. The Reindeer are standing outside the florists at the end of my street and I thought they were pretty striking!

The holly is growing in my Mum and Dad's garden. Jenny and I went there today for lunch. Lot's of cheese and crackers and freshly made Bread Buns (courtesy of my Mum's phenomenal baking skills.) My Nanny and Grampy (Grandparents for those not in the know) where there visiting a number of members of family based in Leeds and it was fantastic to see them as I hadn't seen them for a while. It was also the first meeting between them and Jenny. Think she went down rather well!!

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