Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Yellow feeding

Sorry about yesterdays blip, I had better shots that I think I should have blipped, choosing the blip of the day is not my strong suit. I did think about changing the blipped shot but there were lots of problems on the internet, seemed to be an international connection problem as the locals had no problems. But now I have read the comments, Y'all seemed to like the shot!

Today at the common I explored a steep slope along one edge. The bottom of the steep slope was heavy with undergrowth and thoughts of snake bite were at the forefront of my mind and I am not talking about fancy cocktails either. I was drawn to this path by a plethora of butterflies performing.

I found a few immature preying mantis, but the light was bad and they were being difficult. So I thought I would save the mantis blip for something a bit more impressive. The mantis is quite a common insect in Indonesia but incredibly difficult to find. since I started blipping insects, this is the first mantis that I have found, even though I posted a beauty on the 29th August. Sometimes you just get lucky.

The butterflies were feeding on this stunning flower that reminded me of elder flowers. There was fruit similar to blackberries on the plant also. I picked up shots of a seven spotted brown similar to that I posted 30th October and a tatty orange that Chocolate lover blipped not so long ago. I wanted a shot of a white, but they just never seem to land, they just keep fluttering away, appearing like they are looking to rest.

I attempted to climb up the steep slope as a short cut back onto the common but the strain on yesterdays repair was too much and the flip-flop broke again, so that was the end of today's session. No big deal though, I knew I had good shots in the can. I will definitely explore this area again. Normally the yellows are extremely difficult to get close to, but they seemed easy at this location. Even though this butterfly is a repeat (27th October) and perhaps not the sharpest pin in the cushion, I liked the vibrant colors showing off the bloom and the butterfly.

Identification - it is a sulphur but have not nailed it yet.


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