A chef's day...

By chef

Grilled goats cheese salad

Grilled goat's cheese with roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine, pine nuts and a balsamic reduction.

Things are going well.. I haven't been blipping lately because I am so very busy. Work is busy with Christmas parties and I'm already totally turkeyed out! Still a few to go though and then we close for Christmas eve, day and boxing day YAYYYY!!!! 1st time ever I have those 3 days off! Family time!

Busy at the college too. Christmas parties and the students are achieving high standards, very pleased with them. One more week there and then closed for the holidays.
They have also asked me to work an extra day which is difficult to fit into my week but I so want to take it. 1 because I enjoy it and 2 because there might be a full time position there for me after the summer. That means no more evenings, no more weekends, more than 1 week holiday at the time...hello normal life!

So...all in all things are going well.

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