By J0shua

World Record

My blip today is in honour of Richard Glover (from ABC Sydney Radio) and journalist and author Peter FitzSimons. (link to ABC)

Today they set a world record of the longest interview of 24 hours. Yes one radio announcer interviewing the same guest for 24 hours. This smashed the previous best of 12 point something hours. Peter is an amazing journalist and has written some fantastic historical books so he had a wealth of knowledge and stories to draw upon.

I wished I'd listened to all 24 hours..... but seriously thats a long time. For the few hours I did listen I was extremely interested and entertained. Richard is a better journalist than some people give him credit, he's funny and quick witted... also on the ready a witty remark or quirky joke.

Well done boys, unbelievable effort. To have such a silly dream seems remarkable to actually achieve it. OUTSTANDING!

worlds LARGEST interview!

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