The Luck I've Had...

By TheDesiTurner

So, this is Christmas?

Run, Rabbit. Run, Rabbit. Run, run, run...

What a hectic Monday after a hectic weekend! Orange Network seem to be bombing me with bills and I'm getting all nervy about Christmas! It's the one time of year when everthing has to all fall together at the same time or disaster strikes! Money, bills, presents, money, decorations, friends, parties, money... I can't handle it all!

However, on my way home from work today, I jumped off the bus a stop early to snap some pictures of The Dome, on George Street. I was so taken aback by the lights I threw myself down the corrider of the bus before I really knew what I was doing! I got some great shots and it was a difficult choice! I loved this one, though. (:


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