Robin at large

By Robin

Polar Walker

Walker is the name of the Polar Bear who lives in the Highland Wildlife Park. He was asleep when I went the park towards the end of the summer, I may have caught sight of an ear no more. He must be enjoying the weather at the moment!

Walker is also the subject of minor controversy last week. He was filmed when he was born by the BBC in a David Attenborough programme. The BBC may have given the impression he was born in the wild in the Arctic. Instead he is Dutch, and born in far more comfortable surroundings, even if less natural.

Fairly obviously this is not the original Walker. This is yet another guy who has appeared in the office in the period leading up to Christmas. Here he is accompanied by a rather large plant. At any rate in comparison to the bear that is.

One of these days I really will venture out into the cold of the night and take a picture of whatever decorations remain in the city centre after the storms of the past seven days.

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