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Minor updates

We've just completed a few minor updates and fixes:

Minimum dimensions of images

Previously, we required the length of the shortest side of your image to be 300 pixels, which was causing problems for those trying to upload panoramic images (if images were scaled down to the final size before upload).

This has now been changed so that the combined size of both width and height must be at least 600 pixels. So, an image 300 x 300 will still be accepted (300 + 300 = 600) as will an image 640 x 200 (640 + 200 = 840), but an image 300 x 200 will get rejected (300 + 200 = 500).

Sorry if that sounds like a maths lesson and don't worry if you haven't got a clue what we're on about! It shouldn't affect what you do at all and if your image is too small, you'll get a message saying simply that.


There was a small bug that showed a trashcan icon next to your comments on your own journal. This should have shown a pencil icon (like on other people's entries) indicating that you can edit the comment. This has now been fixed.

While we were working on comments, we also used the opportunity to add a subtle new feature that shows the journal owner's name in white. Many contributors use short names that are different from their journal names, so this should make it clearer when people are responding to comments on their own journal. (Thanks to Benek for the suggestion.)


Last but not least, we've tweaked the ratings bar to make it a little more clear which end is 1 and which end is 5. Roll your mouse over the bar on an image you haven't rated and you'll see what we mean.

As ever, any comments on the above, drop them below!

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