My Year in Pictures

By jenny


A painter by trade (he's done a cracking job painting various rooms in our house and all the wooden windows every few years), he's lived in the village all his life and married his childhood sweetheart Glenys.

He was one of the first people we met when we moved here and his old dog Rosie was one of the few dogs that Lester was friendly with.

He's also one of the nicest people you could meet.

Bill and I met him and his dog Sunny at the church at the start of our walk today where he was getting the Christmas tree ready. They've been donated the top of a tree this year, so he was having to do quite a bit of trimming of the trunk to make sure it was going to fit in the stand.

So a wee bit of chinwag whilst the dogs ran around like mad and I plucked up courage to ask if I could blip him!

Thank you Brian!

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