By earthdreamer

Stunted but Undaunted

A bit like me really!

It's been another beautiful winter's day here, but very cold. Even if I had my cycling vibe going I think I would still have found myself up on the moor running. Following a very hard frost there was a lot of ice around. The back roads would likely have offered some rather challenging conditions on the bike.

They were actually challenging enough on the moor. My better fell shoes were still wet from yesterday so I put on my second string ones and the grip on the ice was pretty much non-existent. I managed to avoid falling over, but I had some spectacular slips and recoveries. I'd like to see some action replays!

I've some important work stuff to sort out today. It needs to be done for tomorrow, but I've had a real problem getting my head into it so far. I'm wondering if that is to do with the cold weather. Or perhaps it's just an end of the year thing. I've always had a tendency to feel rather 'flat' at Christmas ... and I think that feeling might be kicking in a bit early! I suspect I'm not the only one who has a complex relationship to Christmas!!

So, with apologies to Jules who requested a more warming blip from me today (sorry, but I can't resist the snow!), I present another wintry scene. This stunted pine appears quite undaunted as it faces the weather. It is actually the very last tree on the ridge as you travel west along the edge of the moor.

Finally, I caught up with a favourite journal of mine this weekend and was reminded of how wonderful it is. Sometimes dark and mysterious and often outrageously funny, take a look at Father Andrew For Tea and Moon Tree as typical examples of Sirohada's talent.

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