a town called E.

By Eej

Spectagull II

After a lazy start with breakfast in bed and kitties and tv there was laundry (when is there ever NOT?) and catlitter and then a trip to the lake to get rid of our old bread. Which is discouraged but I do it anyway. Ahem.
Anyway, it turned into a right ol' party with geese and ducks and gulls and swans. Though the latter were late and all that was left were crumbs. I loved the way they sailed in, with all other birds respectfully getting out of the way. Nobody wants to mess with a swan.
One of the geese is an old buddy of ours. His wings are a sad mess, but he raised babies this spring so he seems to be doing well. He's also very much too tame for a wild goose - I handfed him and based on how he handles that I'm sure I'm not the only one.

My love for gulls seems to be translating itself into taking rather nice photos of 'm. Cats and gulls, is there a niche for those kind of photos? ;)

I lovelovelove the tiny drop of water falling. tAll does look rather nice big :)

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