a town called E.

By Eej

Stare deeeeeeeeep into my eyes ....

Along with having had a most wonderful weekend, the fact that I scored such a Bliphit yesterday kept me bouncy all day today.
Which was lovely because Mondays are generally very unbouncy. My gull even hit the first of the Spotlight pages - which is unheard of. It was oodles of fun to wake up to so many hearts and comments and thank you - especially you *points in a general Vermont direction* who gave me 2 hearts :)

Perhaps because I was feeling all WOOHOO! I worked a full 8 hours - which I really didn't have to do but guarantees a shorter day tomorrow. Which is, again, lovely.

And because I couldn't possibly come up with something to follow yesterday's, here's the Bibi*. She's trying to hypnotise me into offering her a warm lap and food - preferably at the same time. Silly Bibi.

*whose real name is Recluse but she's a Bibi if she wants something and pulls out all the puffy fluffy stops :)

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