Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Carnegie Library, Malahide

Once again, a lazy, laid-back morning, waiting for the forecast to come true and the rain to stop and the sun to shine. That all happened by 2:00 pm, so off I went to Malahide.

I had a shopping list, but really didn't know if Malahide would have the sort of shops that might stock my list items. I stopped what looked like local at one stage and asked for advice. She directed me to a few shops which she felt would be reasonable starting points, though she really couldn't say if there was anywhere that I'd get what I was really looking for.

As it happened, I got one item that's on the list and another that wasn't, so I was happy enough with the outcome. I also did some blip traipsing and came across things and places I'd never noticed before, down little back streets. The Carnegie Library isn't down a little side street by any means, but this was the first time I'd spotted the modern extension. It just cried out to be photographed.

I spent almost three hours in Malahide (where the time went I cannot say) and enjoyed it thoroughly. As I sat sipping a coffee (served with a delicious slice of mine-tart cake -- if you know what I mean), I suddenly had an inspiration about a likely source for the two principal items. That's for tomorrow in town.

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