A great, if somewhet tiring, night at Optimo. Unfortunately Roz ended up pretty ill the next day. It was quite ironic as she was the designated driver and the only one of us not drinking.

As a result, with Maddy away, it was left soley down to me to deal with walkies for Max. He's staying at ours while we dog-sit for friends. The cats are none to happy about this arrangement.

Nor was I at 3pm on Sunday. I took him out for a walk and, while he was off the lead, he started rolling about on the ground. It was only when I went to put his lead back on for the ten minute walk back to the house I discovered that he's been rolling about in something pretty disgusting. Of course I only actually discovered this when I grabbed his collar and got it all over my hand. Cue wiping it off the best I could on the grass then having to walk up the road to disinfect his collar and scrub him down. Suffice to say it wasn't much fun with a hangover.

I'm now officially not a dog person.

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