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Stepping Up For RSPB Cymru

One of my plans for the next few months whilst I was unemployed was to have some fun, and hopefully learn some new skills along the way. I already have a training course booked for February at the local university on photography skills, and I want to see what other one day things are out there.

Another plan of mine was to do some volunteering for the RSPB, an organisation my blip followers will know is very close to my heart. (You may have noticed I have a thing about birds!)

A chance conversation with the RSPB Cymru twitter feed meant a chance to do my first bit of volunteering came sooner than I thought.

I have spent a rather enjoyable half a day in the company of some very lovely people, and a rather tall Heron, whose name now escapes me (I think he was christened Harvey or Harry?). We did a bucket collection in Queen Street to try and raise some funds. It was their first attempt at a bucket collection, and I suspect it went reasonably well. I certainly noticed a fair few pound coins being dropped into my bucket. I have no idea what the final total was, hopefully I will tell you in a future blip.

The Heron certainly attracted a lot of attention, and the kids loved him. He was made completely from recycled plastics etc, and was hugely impressive to see.

I am hoping to do some more volunteering for them in the New Year, it was very rewarding today, even though it was simply just shaking a bucket and walking up and down.

I have a couple more pics for you to get some idea of his size.

Harvey/ Harry The Heron #1

Harvey The Heron #2

Poor old Rob, who was carrying him, is going to have very sore elbows tomorrow I suspect.

The RSPB Cymru Facebook Page has loads more photos on there if you want to look.

Thanks for the guys and gals from RSPB Cymru for allowing me to join them today. Hope I did okay for a newbie!

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