By earthdreamer

Salt's Mill from Albert Terrace

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the response to yesterdays Reflecting on Thin Ice, and as touched as I've been in my whole life by all your hearts and comments. I still do feel a bit of a fraud though when all I'm doing is grabbing a few shots while I'm out walking, running or cycling (ok, I admit, with some processing and occasional jiggery-pokery). The landscape around me is proving to be far more photogenic that I could ever possibly have imagined!

I live exactly where I do because, over twenty years ago now, I realised that I need this kind of landscape to feed my soul. Earning my living by creating software at a computer, it's this close proximity to the moors and the Yorkshire Dales that has sustained me through the long hours I've invariably had to work over the years. To be able to share this privilege I enjoy with so many people all over the world is simply amazing to me, and is giving me the greatest joy. It sure is helping to keep my creative spark burning at a time when work is rather tedious!

I was really pleased with yesterday's image but to be the most favourited and commented on, and the highest rated of all my blips, was quite a surprise. It has got me wondering about the qualities that give a photograph that elusive wow factor. I will ponder further on this, but your thoughts are very welcome!

It's been a long day at the office but we finally have everything back under control. Our clients have been very patient. Possibly just as well it's Christmas. There seems to be a lot of good cheer about. I've had to miss an event with the running club tonight, but at least I'll be able to relax at home this evening. There's a plan to watch "Senna" with the boys. This will be the third date we've had with this DVD. Should be lucky this time.

I know I've failed to do this in the past, but I fully intend to respond to everyone who has left comments and given hearts but it might take me a little time! Thank goodness (for once) that it's almost Christmas! For now, all I can do is just thank you again.

I didn't have too many options today. Just took a short walk at lunchtime into Saltaire and blipped Salt's Mill. This chimney will be familiar, but this is the first time you've seen it from this side. Tried to give this a timeless feel but had to be very patient as people and cars kept getting in the way!

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