Whisky can sense when there are cats in the garden. The culprits were Bushcat and Ginger Cat. I'm pleased to say that shortly after this picture was taken Whisky sauntered into the back garden, settled into a teapot stance and stared both cats out of the garden. He is indeed Top Cat.

Fred and I received a mystery card today. I didn't recognize the writing on the envelope and the person had spelt my name wrong. You would think then that this person didn't know me well, but inside the envelope were four guinea pigs wearing Christmas hats. They were attached by a pin to a leaflet about weddings in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. So it's someone who can't spell my name right (or is deliberately misspelling my name to throw me off the scent), knows I like guinea pigs, that I'm engaged and that I have a link to Edinburgh. Curiouser and curiouser. It's also a subtle hint from someone to say "Hurry up and get married, will you!" since the leaflet was about weddings This Winter. That's not going to happen. However (Mum and Dad - please take a seat to steady your excitement), I have made an appointment to see a wedding venue over Christmas and I'm quite hopeful about this one. Fingers crossed.

Apart from trying to be both Sherlock Holmes and wedding planner, I spent the day pottering about getting bits and pieces ready for the Christmas departure tomorrow night. This involved a trip to Brixton where pizza was eaten, just to keep up the strength. I feel quite relaxed, which is a good thing after being manic for so many months.

Hooray for the holidays!

Two more sleeps...

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