huh? what's that? You don't say!

Doesn't it look like Steven and Asia are having a conversation? Well, they most likely are! View large.

We took Starfish out today on the Braden River. This is the boat my husband and father saved from the dump! They worked together on it for a good 5 months in 2010, a sailboat with bamboo masts Steven harvested from my parents yard. But the wind is strange on the river where we launched at Lucas Boatworks - it's not great for sailing. It comes and goes. Instead, we used the electric Torqueedo motor and buzzed around easily not using a drop of gas! Asia went with us as she would prefer not be left behind, ever!

This photo was taken after we landed back at the dock. Chloe was nowhere to be seen when we took off (in the Tiki hut being fed snacks we presume) but was standing on the dock waiting for us when we returned. It was almost like she was scolding Asia for going off without her.

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