The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

The Shepherds visit the Stable....

The evening drew on and the Star was heading nearer and nearer to the Stable and (BM) Joseph new what that meant, THE SHEEP WERE ON THE WAY, "oh dear" said Joseph I don't know what (Mrs BM) Mary will say about this.
At that the door bell went, DING DONG, (I did sound effect last year too), DING DONG, it went again, BM ran to the front door only to be beaten by a hairs breath by Mrs BM, she opened the door and they shot through the door, They, being a flock, I said Flock, of Sheep, big ones, little ones and every size in between. Mrs BM ended up on the floor being trod on by all and sundry, She was not best pleased.
"BMMMMMMM, what did I say to you yesterday? and don't look all sheepish, (did you like that) we have enough of those wandering around the house".
"What the devil is all this steaming in the hall on my nice new wood flooring" shouted Mrs BM.
The Shepherds wandered through the house and into the garden, "Where is the Lady and the Baby?" they said in unison. "The lady is in the Stable but the baby hasn't arrived yet you have come too early as per usual", at that the Sheep and Lambs were everywhere, some even settled down to have a nice snooze. "What brings you here anyway" Mr BM said, "we followed that star there" and they all pointed to the bright start that was hovering over the Stable, Yes, it's the summer house again.
BM went into the house where Mrs BM was cleaning all the Sheep Shhhh Poo up and the expression on her face was not a good one. "Oh Eck" said Mr BM "I'll just be in the garden dear" he said, "don't Garden me" she said, "I suppose you want me to keep all this for your Roses again".
"Well it did work wonders last year" said Mr BM, then he headed for the Shepherds quickly before something hard hit him.
"Look you lot, can't you ever get the timing right, it's not tonight, come back in a few days, I'm sure some Angel will tell you when, you will have to go, My wife is allergic to Sheep, we haven't had lamb for dinner for five years"
At that the sheep were rounded up and the Shepherds left. "Thank goodness for that, I thought they would never leave".
Mrs BM was not a happy Bunny, and left Mr BM cleaning the rest of the kitchen and Hall.
Mary and Joseph settle down to get a good nights sleep, and the Inn Keeper and his wife went to bed too.

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