By earthdreamer

Lost in the Forest

There was a time when this is where I would have loved to have been at Christmas. All the materialism and the general orgy of consumption used to quite depress me. My family christened me the Crimblegrump! But I'm learning to go with the flow more these days, much helped by a desire from all my immediate family to keep things simple and pared down. I am ready to embrace the festivities with a much lighter heart than usual this year.

Having been very slow to get going, I hit the shops running in Leeds last night with great success, and I've finished up at a canter in Ilkley this afternoon. I now just have to stroll through the wrapping. Sorted in a mere 24 hours. What's all the fuss about?

The boys and I have been joined by their mum, who has now got the alcohol flowing - and is busy in the kitchen while I blip. Our tradition is not to spend too long slaving over a hot stove - if any time at all if we can help it. Healthy and tasty food which doesn't require a lot of preparation. For once, I am ready to truly blob and not do much at all for a few days. My sons are even rationing my computer time - and absolutely no work.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day all my blipmates out there in the virtual world. Eat too much. Drink too much. But don't forget to blip.

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