Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

What happens next

Well, it should not be too difficult to figure out the answer to this conundrum. Out of respect for those who do not like spider shots, I am leaving this shot up until midday UK time, before I post the spider shot. I thought long and hard about this decision, as I had plenty of other material to blip, but this shot is just too good not to blip. I thought about linking to folio, but the tiny folio display just would not do it justice.

Today was one of my best sessions yet. I collected 140 shots of 17 subjects, 14 of which made the final cut. Ten of the subjects have yet to be blipped and five were even new to me, which made the above decision even harder. So I hope that you return to see the spider shot, as I think it will be worth the effort.

Well, here it is, hope it was worth waiting for. St Andrews cross spider in action.


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