The second half of life..

By twigs

Sister act

J asked me yesterday whether I'd pop down today and take some pictures of her and her 3 sisters as they don't very often get a chance to get together these days (funerals were mentioned!)

No probs!

Well - nothing that we didn't all have a bit of a laugh about overcoming anyway - J with broken foot and feeling and a little wobbly on her good foot, me finding it hard to stand on the paving stones for too long as my feet were burning - but not able to put my jandals back on because Barney had run off with them! - then Barney and Nellie deciding that this all looked like far too much fun for them not to be involved in too! As you can see, Nellie muscled her way in, took centre stage and refused to be moved and Barney just ran over the top of whoever happened to be in the way - though thankfully managing to avoid Js sore foot!

Great hilarity and enjoyed by everyone :)

Went to have another look at a camper van I have my eye on this afternoon. It's w-a-y more expensive than I want to contemplate spending on a van but it really has whet my appetite for some comfortable travel . . . . hhhmmmmmm . . . where can I raise the funds without breaking the bank . . . . .?? Will sleep on it and hope some ideas come to me.

G'night :)

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