Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

Squirrelling Around My Memories For Later

Well, it's all over. Ive just returned home from my stay with my parents. That's it for another year.

I had a really nice time. Lots of great walking (obviously), lots of nice healthy food and lots of Barney and Shep time. It can be hard being around the whole family again after moving out. My brother certainly finds its hard, but that's just him. I stayed four days which I think is a good timescale. Stay too long and you take out frustration on those who don't deserve it.

I got lots of lovely presents. My personal favourites were
Brussel sprout growing kit
paint your own gnome
sheepdog book

I'm an extremely lucky person and don't deserve what I get

Oh, my blip is mr squirrel eating a mouldy apple in the garden.

And that's today's one through the looking glass.

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